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Name:thomas sutton :: DURHAM ( 1803 )
Birthdate:Jan 25
d u r h a m ( 1803 )

the treacherous mnemokinetic

THE ORDER - circa. 1803

By the end of the Second Coalition the United Kingdom was the only nation still engaged in hostilities against the French Consulate government - until the Treaty of Amiens. Amiens provided a truce of sorts but neither Britain nor France truly trusted it to last. Tensions still continued to run high between the two nations and by 1803 - less than a year after the peace treaty had been signed - the two nations were yet again plunged in to conflict.

In the 1800s it was not unusual for Order operatives to take positions in the army and the Royal Navy to further their influence over the campaigns of the government. Indeed, it was the Incident of 1803 that would bring all of that to change...

The Durham of the time was an idealistic, forward-thinking man of the modern enlightenment and - thanks to an unusually liberal university education - gradually developed Republican sympathies that led him to come in to contact with French agents working in Britain. These agents had been set by Napoleon to work undercover and sow seeds of dissent in the more influential circles of London society and in finding Durham they made an incredibly important contact.

Durham and St. David's, the mnemokinetic and the power manipulator, were two operatives that worked in tandem more often than not. The two were close friends and found brotherly companionship in each other's company - which made it all the worse when Durham was entrusted with the mission to gain a power manipulator for the French.

His orders were clear: get St. David's to France and by hook or by crook the French would gain an Order of their own at St. David's hands.

Kidnapped by Napoleon's agents, St. David's was dragged back to France with Durham sadly in tow. There, St. David's was forced at the point of torture to bestow powers on the people who would go on to become the first French Order operatives: Paris, Bordeaux, Toulon, [personal profile] historically and Lille.

Although he felt no guilt over betraying his Order for the sake of his ideals, Durham was conflicted over his own role in the kidnap and torture of his good friend. Once the deed was done he bartered for St. David's release and it was a point of mercy - not just self-preservation - that Durham wiped St. David's mind before he was returned to England. He didn't want his friend to live with the guilt of playing a part in equipping France with the powers that he had so diligently guarded all his life.

Knowing that this was a perfect chance to knock the British Order on to the back foot the French went one step further - against Durham's pleas for clemency they stripped the memory-wiped St. David's of his power, thus leaving the British Order with no operative to recruit new Order agents.
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